Rate your 1-2-3 (Joel, Collins, Sting)


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I know my own order of play, but my Spotify randomiser doesn’t seem to fully get me at the moment! But I do wonder who in a not quite mass poll, but a poll nonetheless, would come out on top between these 3 class acts.

Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Sting.

Who’s your one two and three?
European Super League:
Phil Collins
The Police

Sting’s solo work

Mike & the Mechanics

League 2:
Sting feat. Pato Banton

Sting's an easy target but has done some great work over the years.
Joel was a tremendous songwriter before he made it big - Goodnight Saigon for example - but went to seed many decades ago.
Collins, I could never tire of kicking.
He can jacknife powerbomb Phil Collins if he wants.

Easy lover was one of my favourite songs of the 80s, Phil Bailey’s voice was amazing, no wonder he was so big in the US
Of course Collins made it all about himself
Billy Joel and Stung are both hugely gifted songwriters, whatever you think of them or their music. I'm not sure Phil Collins is in the same league.
On a side note Sting was a teacher briefly at my wife’s primary school in Threlkeld near Keswick in the early 70’s
1. Sting (for Ten Summoner's Tales, in particular Shape of My Heart)

2. Collins (for Sussudio and Something Happened on the Way to Heaven)

3. Joel - meh