Remarkable Front Page News!


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I mean, you have to laugh don't you? A photo of two people in a bath being used to "prove" two people can't fit in a bath 🤯

The masks are a nice touch.

This is the same media that keeps the Tories in power. The penny has got to drop for the remaining 20-30% soon surely.


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Whoever set this up has an IQ measured in negative numbers.

Imagine this logic in any other investigation. No, I was unable to speed in that car. I shall prove it while driving at 157mph. Wearing a mask.


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Obviously the journalist is a missionary only man. Someone should give him a copy of the Kama Sutra...... on second thoughts


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The Torygraph just wrote its own pathetic obituary. Last vestige of being a newspaper now gone. Just more rabid right toilet paper along with the Mail and Express.


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It's all part of the deal. The Telegraph get fed quotes from the palace for hit pieces on Harry and Meghan, and in return they've promised puff pieces for Charles, Camillia, William, Kate and the nonce.