Sunak leaves D-Day commemorations early for ITV interview

He's getting absolutely caned on Times Radio this morning by the listener messages they are reading out, normally, as you might expect, the listener tend to be fairly supportive of the Tory party
Remember when Corbyn's jacket wasn't good enough for Remembrance Day?
More importantly, remember when Johnson turned up to a remembrance day parade looking like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards and the BBC 'accidentally' aired footage from the previous year.

The media could have kept the lid on this and chose not to. If you aren't asking why then you're complicit.
I don't like him. I never have. I think he is smug and entitled.

All that stated, I still feel that the below is universal:

This is an absolute disgrace. Events like yesterday go beyond politics. They are important to the social fabric of the nation. We have a shared history and a shared debt to these men. He ignored that for himself and his interests.
He walked away from his own National Service
It’s also in diplomatic terms a huge insult in that it’s one of those occasions that cements a 120 year old treaty.

“ In 2024 we shall be celebrating both the 120th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale and the 80th anniversary of the Landings that enabled France to be liberated in 1944: two of the most significant moments in our relationship”

( France Diplomacy)
Does he?

He's well educated and has been taught how to make money. Which is pretty easy when you have loads of it to start with.

Nothing I've seen of him suggests he's particularly intelligent though. There's more evidence of the opposite if anything.
Memories from his old Maths teacher - “He was a very good boy and I am sorry for the way he has turned out, which was to become wildly opportunistic.” - turns out Rishi even did the mandatory 'Combined Cadet Force' once a week.. which maybe was his punt for National Service..

Isn't obvious to people that the tories just do not have anybody left with even half a brain? Look at the thread about the Childrens Minister not knowing what the Fam allowance is.
They just throw anybody in there because there is next to nobody left.
There is seemingly a total lack of common sense in politics. With little pots in the background 'advising'on how to best show yourself to the public - no substance whatsoever.

Public image is all they care about. Greasy Starmer included.
Hold on, even I’m happy to let Sunak have his own 5 minutes in the spotlight on this one.

He’s played a blinder, ‘unfit, unfit, unfit‘
Hold on, even I’m happy to let Sunak have his own 5 minutes in the spotlight on this one.

He’s played a blinder, ‘unfit, unfit, unfit‘

He doesn’t care. By the end of the year he will have his feet up in his £5 million gaff in California. Tho’ I would like to thank him. For contributing, in a few weeks, to what will hopefully be the decimation of this cynically corrupt organisation, formally known as the Tory Party.
I see he has just spoke to journalists and said this incident shouldn't be politicised.

Really? He really thinks the general public wouldn't think the Tories would make the most of this if it was Starmer?