Sven - Liverpool Legends Match - Condescending?


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It might just be me, but does anyone else find the whole Sven Goran Eriksson managing the Liverpool Legends match a bit condescending?

Actually it might not be him actually managing the game, because I do actually believe it is a nice gesture, but I think it was more the way Klopp spoke about it following Sven's diagnosis.

Paraphrasing but he basically said "He can come over, sit in my chair if he wants" etc

Sounded more like an offer to a works experience lad rather than a multi-honoured top flight/ international manager.

I am probably looking too much into it...and I dont particularly like Klopp.
It’s a great gesture, but I did also find it slightly patronising when klopp said it a couple of weeks ago about how Sven can come and sit in his chair or whatever it was, like a mascot.

I just put it down to a clunky choice of words from someone with English as a second language
"From the bottom of all our hearts, you can come over here, you can have my office"
"Come over here and let's have a few great hours together."

Yes, your dislike of Klopp has lead you to read into the situation something which isn't there.

So what youre saying is Klopp is a tw@t and Sven should tell him to get lost?
I mean.. Klopp is leaving at the end of the season anyway.. why not just hand the keys over to Sven?
Liverpool Manager offers to give a dying man the chance to lead training for the club that he apparently always supported, in a kind hearted open gesture. And some people criticise him for that. FFS.
So what youre saying is Klopp is a tw@t and Sven should tell him to get lost?
Didn't Sven say his boyhood club was Liverpool?

I think I read somewhere the fans heard about this, and pulled together and insisted on LFC invite him.

Amazing gesture to be fair.
I think we are getting off the point though here ….

I clearly have a personal vendetta against Klopp and this thread isn’t helping that now

Sometimes I despair on here… just agree Klopp is a wally and let’s all move on