TV Advert breaks


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Netflix will run 2 different tiers, ads and no ads. No ads will stay at the same price, ads version will be much cheaper. £4 I heard?


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Ads are coming to Netflix they announced it last month.
Only if you pay for that tier, which costs less than the usual ones. Disney+ are also launching an ad supported tier for a cheaper price.
I'm binning Netflix off anyways once I've gone through the latest Stranger Things series. I'll grab a free trial for when Extraction 2 comes on.


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I watched the last episode of Derry Girls on All4 the other day. Had to sit through 3 lots of 3 min plus adverts. Ran out of time and didn't finish the episode.
Tried to catch up the next day. When I fast forwarded to the last 15 mins, I had to endure another 10 mins of adverts. That was really frustrating.