Your Childhood deprivation

Same here, I was lucky that I just lived down the road from a big field which was always kept as grass. Come the snow we find big ICI style bags and spend hours literally sledging down the hill, we usually stopped when we couldn't feel our bottoms and feet anymore through numbness.

We could afford to get the bus into Redcar but then we would spend the rest of our money so couldn't afford the bus home. We walk back to Brotton along the beach to Saltburn and then follow the road. Probably 5-6 miles, there would be a search party out for us now if we did stuff like that.
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I was carried into clinkards, in my stocking feet, by my grown up brother as it was raining and my only footware had disintegrated.

Poor rishy didn't have sky ( "famously" !?)
I never bought sky whilst my kids grew up . Because it was more important for them to study , go swimming, go to st johns, music lessons etc.and play with friends.
What a To55er he continues to show himself as.

When he said he wasn’t allowed Sky tv you do realise he wasn’t referring to the satellite box and dish, he meant the actual company.

He was told he could have ITV or nothing. 🎩🧐
We had very little money, but we ate well - Dad had an allotment and one of my parent's friends was a butcher, who always made sure our shopping bag was filled up, regardless of what or how much we bought. Really nice of him.

Virtually all our clothes were hand-me-downs, and my Mum used to knit our jumpers (new one every Xmas), and make other stuff - she made my elder brother a parka when he became a mod, and made my school blazer too, as the real ones were too expensive.

Xmas presents were very modest, and often 2nd hand.

However, most of this just seemed normal - I didn't know anyone who was 'well off' until I went to 6th form college, when I stumbled into some people, mainly girls, who lived in detached houses in places like Hartburn, Yarm and so on. And that was a revelation - their parents had dinner parties and things like that. Up until then, I didn't even know what one was.

We didn't have a car for YEARS, and when we finally did, it was a real old banger that failed to get back out of Glaisdale on our first trip out in it. We had to be towed out by a farmer in his tractor - which cost about a week's wages for my Dad.

I think that the only thing I truly 'missed' was having a car (Dad used to pootle around and go to work on an ancient scooter), although having the **** taken out of me for having a home-made blazer was pretty crappy.
We lived for free in a house in Boro when the guy worked offshore.... Even worse, when we didn't, we lived in Ferryhill!
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I once had a dude come run in my house whilst I was baby sitting my little sister as my parents were 2 houses down and when I shouted hello he ran out of the house raheem sterling esc. Other than that every memory I have from my child hood is awesome 😆
One year we were lucky to go to a caravan site in Cornwall. Mam and Dad ran out of money on last day. It took about 7 hours to drive home and all we had to eat was half a pack of dried spaghetti all day between 5 of us. I still remember the hunger pains. That was just for a day. I cant imagine what real prolonged hunger must be like. Another time we mam only had enough money for a dark pinknpair of shoes in the shop. Sadly they were for me and they did not go down well with my school mates. They did clash with black trousers and white shirt. I looked like a liquorice allsort😳
Rip McElvaney, a local Grangetown character, once told a story in the Cleveland Bay, Eston, about how he had to go to school dressed in army surplus just after the war. Another guy pipes up and says "We all wore army surplus just after the war". Yes, he replies, but it was not fun going to school dressed as a Japanese General. 🤣 🤣 🤣
We couldn't afford to eat at Little Chef. I wanted more than anything in the world to go but me Mam said there was too many of us to afford it, so I secretly hoped my brother and sister would die.
I was only 7 but I was a cold hearted little b*stard.🫣
There were five us, three girls and two boys and that was a wish that wasn't far from my mind for years.

I remember my brother asking my mum, "Why has our Julie got two brothers and I have only got one." 🤣 🤣 🤣
Come on guys, give the poor bloke a rest, not only did he not have a single working class friend , we now find out he didn't have sky

Obviously because his parents had no interest in british sports or movies , not because they would have struggled to pay the bill

The guy by his own admission is completely clueless to the working classes, so lets just end it at there

What i cannot stand is this idea that by 'working hard' you can by rich or affluent, we all know thats complete BS and were all victims of circumstance and opportunity
Had some occasional rough times financially as a family, to be honest it tended to be feast or famine. Remember someone pointing out the strange pattern we had on the Lino flooring in the kitchen. It was actually where my Mam had been cutting out 50p shapes for the gas meter 😂. Also remember everyone having to hide behind the settee to avoid some debt collector and him shouting through the window that he could see a leg moving 😂.