Your Favourite Instrumental Music?

Easily this - such a beautiful piece of music, part of a much larger suite (but one of the other parts has vocal samples.)

RIP Johann Johannsson, taken too soon sadly

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One of those rainy day, post footy season (nearly) bored threads.

I read the title and this immediately entered my head and was about to post it. Incredible piece of music, my absolute favourite. Spine tingling!

Love it when Metallica walk out to it too!

I saw Morricone in concert a few years ago, not long before he passed. Very emotional night, such a genius.
Morricone "The Ecstasy Of Gold" aside. I'd be hard pressed to think of anything better than this. Just something about it I love. All played live and tight as a gnats chuff! and played by, in my opinion 3 of the best musicians around. The smile from Reznor at the end. :)

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