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On Your Bike With Neil Warnock

Boro take on free scoring Brentford this weekend at their brand new Community Stadium. Tackling the play off runners up will be no easy mission but Neil Warnock and his Boro team seem to be really champing at the bit at the prospect. Boro fans can pay £10 to watch the game. Saturday 3pm kick off.
Boro take on Brentford for who £10m goalscorer Ivan Toney has scored more goals than the whole of the Boro put together. Thereby hangs a tale and something I put to the Boro boss at the pre-match Zoom press conference this morning:
Fly: Tremendous performance at Blackburn a team with a real attacking threat but I think we had something like 19 free kicks and numerous corners are converting set-pieces something you are targeting?
Well, we have got to score more goals from all areas and set-pieces are a big thing. Unfortunately we haven’t really got one like I had in Sean Morrison at Cardiff. If he was playing with Paddy McNair I think he would get double figures. We haven’t got one like that so we have to work harder to get the space to get an opportunity to score goals and that is what we have been doing this week in particular.
The Community Stadium is only a hefty Steve Vickers clearance away from charming old Griffin Park. But whereas the terraces and stanchions of the old ground was in amongst terraced streets and famed corner pubs the new ground is hemmed into a triangle between a rail line and the Thames. But there are still plenty of watering holes all around it. Just a shame no fans have been able to get acquainted with their new home as yet.
So, it is bound to be a tough task and if we can take a point or three then apart from George Saville and Paddy McNair the rest of the Boro squad will get a well earned rest after such a hectic programme. I wanted to ask the manager about his own plans.
Fly: After this game some of the squad at least get the chance some recuperation which must be very important with a small squad. People have asked me to ask you about yourself and your COVID episode how are you doing? And will you be able to take some rest time?
Yes, I was going to go to Cornwall for the week because my daughter is down there as well, nearby. But I am told I can’t really go to Cornwall with the government guidelines so I am staying put in sunny Darlington. So, your guess is as good as mine if I am going to enjoy it.
Fly: You will.
I might have to get on my bike again and get a bit of warm clothing on. Get on my bike and do a little bit of cycling because it is really nice around here, isn’t it?
Fly: Yes, absolutely.
Northern Echo:
Go fishing.
NW: I know, I thought about that but that is cold. It is cold.
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