A review with photos of a fabulous set of gigs and wokshops for Peterlee new town's 75th birthday.
It was an amazing line-up. A who's who of north eastern live music performers. Many of the songwriters also took workshops with Peterlee school children. Their compositions were then performed live on the big stage of the Lubetkin Theatre in the wonderfully welcoming East Durham College.
Peterlee might be just north up the A19 from our area but we thought this was too important an event not to feature in OffTheBeat. Hopefully, East Durham College will become a new venue of significance for music. The college is actually investing heavily in the theatre facilities that will now be upgraded for several months.
Tracy has also compiled gig listings for what is a very busy couple of weeks for live gigs on Teesside. - including Independent Music Week - 29th Jan – 4th Feb 2024.

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