9 Boro players away on international duty

Coburn seemed clearly ahead of both in development so didn't include him. But the other two - I wasn't really sure who would be more likely to be involved in the first team out of those two. Whether Finch is progressing that much this season that he was involved with the first team or if Kav was still here then he'd have been picked ahead of him.
The late not so great Christopher Wilder has sadly retired the word ā€˜Development Strikerā€™ for our club due to this references to Forss.

Maybe it was a word used by ā€˜Scottā€™ describing the 3 above when ā€˜Attitude Over Abilitehā€™ was stating his blind sided case for Gayle, McGoldrick and the absolutely essential LEFT SIDED DEFENDED! šŸ™ƒ

Anyway, ā€œOh Chrissy Wilder said, he never got any of them and was stuck with Paddy McNairā€ but ultimately, Coburn did his thing last season and is now on his (Hayden Hackey at Scunthorpe) ā€˜development strikerā€™ loan and will return next season to immediately attempt to break all of Chubaā€™s record this season like the ā€˜Teesside Haalandā€™ he was originally nicknamed by Bristol City whilst Finch and Cav go off for their (Hayden Hackey at Scunthorpe) ā€˜development strikerā€™ loans next seasonā€¦

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Finch was ahead of Kavanagh at the start of the season when he played in the Carabao and Kav was on the bench.
I feel like Kavanagh's progress has stalled a little - he's not pulling up any trees on loan by the sound of it.
He got a bad injury when loaned to Harrogate last year and he doesn't seem to have got back to where he was. Hopefully he'll come good