Any Conservative voters left?

since the 2019 election Ive thought the next election would result in a hung parliament as there is no way any party could hang on to the coalition the Tory's cobbled together under brexit. and with such an unpopular opposition leader as Corbyn as the alternative. I thought the next election would be similar to 2017, Torys largest party but short of a majority. I now think it will be labour as largest party and just short of or just getting a small majority
..I imagine they will find a way of banning elections soon or 30% will vote for them.. that will be enough. Heading towards fascism, our own British type of fascism, I'm afraid.
I know it looks bleak for them right now, and I mean proper bleak, but what do people actually think will happen at the next GE? Obviously the polls yesterday were startling, but I don’t think anybody really expects Labour to win over 350 seats. Or do they?

I have no doubt that Labour will form the next government, and it will be brilliant to see them lot finally kicked out, but I am just curious as to what people actually think will happen.

You would think not but then again the Tories are having another car crash before they get the insurance off this one!
Guaranteed win here in Hambleton and Richmondshire for them unfortunately - not a chance they’ll be ousted here, no matter what they do wrong
People that are right leaning don't really have any other option though. It's Tory or don't vote and so I'd expect them to still get a decent amount of votes but I don't think Tory voters will start voting for Labour. The only instance where this will be the case is in the working classes that shifted from one end of the spectrum to the other because of Brexit.

Surely, traditional Tories will be happy with the direction of the government and if markets stabilise and inflation returns to normal before the next election then a platform of low tax, high growth, reduced state spending on benefits/public services will be exactly what traditional Tories want. Treading that path, even if the markets recover, won't be enough to get them a majority if the working classes wake up and realise they aren't the people the Tories are helping though and you'd hope the disasters of recent years will have shocked them from their stupor..
Johnson got in on the back of Brexit and the working class vote, Truss got in through the backdoor with 1%. Yep, it depends if the so-called 'working class' wake up. Atm the Tories would not get in but who knows what might happen in the next two years, and they always have Murdoch.
I have no doubt that Conservatives will lose votes but I do have doubts that those votes will all go towards the opposition. Starmer still doesn't have the backing from voters who had switched to Tory in 2019, I believe. I don't believe that Labour will be backed by the working-class, centre-right voter like they were in '97.

I hope I am wrong and I know the polls have Labour at a significant advantage, I just think Labour are going to need a very transparent and realistic manifesto to help their push over the line.
I don’t think I would. I might have to vote Lib Dem as I’ve just moved to an area with a Lib Dem mp
You "don't think you will"??. What after the bombardment on to this site of your vitriol against this current shower? Please tell me that is sarcasm.

Twickenham, Richmond or Kingston by the way?
Yeah, not many Lib Dems about but quite a few, relatively, down here. I was always surprised by how many Lib Dem posters I saw in Kew.

I wonder how they will be affected by the Tory collapse?