Ayling and Thomas

I was livid with Ayling first half. He got done a couple of times and just gave up, shrugged in a frustrated way and jogged back. Pathetic. Djiksteel knows he’s not wanted but did give us a little bit of spark when he came on today. I’d much rather we play our own players for the rest of the season. Engel got a cheer when he came on - think he will like playing ELL through once he’s back in the team FT.
Let's be honest, the whole team where shocking today..

Ayling Thomas O'brien Barlaser Mcgree Azaz Silvera all very poor..

Poor teams have sussed us out, Plymouth 2nd worst away record in the league, pushed on with a quick press, while we tippy tappy at the back, then win the ball back and attack... well played Plymouth..

I’d add VDB to that list.

Worst I’ve seen him play for us.
My Leeds mate said Ayling had declined badly and that's proving to be true, not been impressed with him so far. Thomas has looked useless each time I've seen him, which shocks me as I recall him getting brilliant reviews for Leicester a while back.
Both absolute garbage and should not be playing ahead of our own players. I’d rather not see either playing for us again.
Ayling was repeatedly done and doesn’t seem to have the legs . Thomas just looks poor and incapable of playing the way we are set out to play. A waste of loans … last year Archer, Ramsey , Steffen, Giles and Mowatt.. this year Donkeys
Thomas and Ayling are not our players
Seeing as how we are going nowhere I'd be tempted to start those who are in the main until the end of the season
O'Brien and Greenwood too unless we're looking to buy them
Was not impressed with O'Brien today

O'Brien and Barlaser are our only two centre mids currently.
Ayling gets caught out time and time again. How many times did they switch it across to the left side and their man would be in acres of space.

Thomas looked out of his depth and didn't seem to know what position he was supposed to be playing.
My best mate is a Sheffield United season ticket holder.
When he heard that we taken Thomas, who was with them for the first half of the season, he sent me a condolences email in advance. ‘The worst player in a shocking team.’
The issue with our midfield is that there is only Howson who will put a foot in, O'Brien has bundles of energy and likes to bomb forward but then you're left with Barlaser as your cover which just isn't his game at all. I like that we look for footballers now after years of having yard dogs in midfield but you still need one of the two to get in the opponents faces and put a challenge in or at least be competent defensively. Teams have been strolling through our midfield unchallenged all season.

O'Brien, Hackney and Barlaser would all be better with someone like Clayton or Leadbitter next to them so that they can go and play.
And there is one of our main problems, if Howson is the only one who will put a foot in, God help us, I'm 66 and ***** but I could tackle harder than him.
I like Ayling, he’s a carbon copy of Smith in terms of his professionalism.

I like Ayling too ... he seems like a positive influence, a true professional and a great fella.

But if you want a starting right back / wing back for next year to play 40 games + ..
It's not him.
It's either him OR smith as 2nd choice next year depending on wages... With a Starting RB being brought in.