Barlaser Deal Agreed!


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Never heard of him, but a quick look on social media and their fans are upset, some see us as a sideways step and believe he could walk into 'some' premier league teams, biased im sure but we're light in midfield, this lad is coming cheap, knows the league, has a fairly good record so yeah i'm happy with this. Geordie so moving back up North which im sure helped his decision, and working under Carrick won't have hurt his decision making either.


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Good signing. Sensible signing.
yes, good age as well, he's a couple of years away from reaching his peak, but already a seasoned performer with nearly 200 league games under his belt. Should be able to hit the ground running and improve over the next 2 years.


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A great signing. I'm not overly suprised by the fee. He's a quality player who's arguably worth 3-4mil if contracted longer.

A ball playing CM with an eye for a pass. I imagine being eyed as Howson's longterm replacement. Also means we can rest and rotate Howson or Hackney. Also 7 assist from CM ain't to he sniffed at.

I've not seen much of him. Yet twitter tells you a lot from his own fans who see him weekly. I've read nothing but good things. I think most thinks it's a good move for him and actually wish him well.

Just a few........ 👌