Beers that affect you more than others


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Tyskie always gives me a headache. Try to avoid it when in Poland, but of course in some places its pretty much the only option if you want lager.


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John Smiths Smooth makes my head hurt whilst drinking it. So I don't.

Strangely thats why I stopped drinking it a few years ago. After a few pints started getting a fuggy head not a headache. Never drink it at all. Strange though my favourite beer is Magnet also made by John Smiths but two opposite ends of the spectrum.


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I rarely drink it but Bud Light always seems to leave me with an upset stomach the next day for some reason.

Guinness leaves me with a headache so only tend to have a few.

Last night-out I'd had I'd been drinking Brooklyn lager in the Twisted Lip and I had one of the worst hangovers I've ever experienced. I'd had about 10 pints of it mind.


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My biggest problem is the upset stomach, nausea I get for 2 days following a few beers/ lagers. Worst with beer generally, have yet to find one I can get on with- doombar was often a big reactor for me. Have to drink the wine now, which is a little less irritable on the guts.

Never really had a headache off beer.


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Never a hangover after hand pulled Black Sheep Best, or Timothy Taylor's for that matter.
Packaged anything is compromised.
Smooths/Creamflows are lethal for hangovers.
i‘ve recently noticed (as has the Mrs) that the outcome of drinking Estrella Damm differs quite a lot from other premium lagers, which I tend to drink at home or out and about. My local sells Estrella, which I like, but she says I mumble weird stuff when asleep after drinking more than 3 or 4, whereas Moretti, Peroni, Poretti etc don’t seem to have the same issue.
they use rice in the brewing process, but other than that, can’t see any difference. Does anyone have similar “intolerances” or explanations as to why this might be?
Go to the Brunton Arms
Try the Taddy or the Double 4
You won't go anywhere else.
You will need a Taxi home 🙈🙈🙉🙉🙊🙊
Got 4 Leffe 330ml from Aldi last week they were nice but very strong, think i was on the way to be a bit drunk. However i was in the bathroom most of next day also.


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Try a few nice triple karmeliet or leffe and you'd certainly be mumbling.

On a serious note, some beers make me sneeze. This only seems to be certain draft though.
Yeah had Leffe on my Perfect Draft, absolutely battered me


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Heineken’s definitely got some devil chemicals in it and Stella is obviously psychotic.

5% beers are too strong for me, I like to be able to drink loads if I go out without getting too wasted so about 4.4% is the sweet spot. Actually don’t mind the 3.5%, refreshing.

I find for hangover management 😂 and being able to sustain a long session, sweet ciders like Bulmers is brilliant. Think it’s the amount of sugar in it, keeps me cheerful and can drink it all day, and definitely twice as good the next day. Keeping your blood sugar up and a berocca before you start drinking is a gamechanger.

There’s that medical theory that the darker the drink, the worse the hangover because of the tannins isn’t there?