Carling Cup Celebration 29th Feb at Boro Town Hall

Quite frankly, it is disgusting and a shambles. Tickets went on sale on a midweek night without notice with an implication that Juninho would be there.

Tickets sold out and then……..silence. Nothing until now and that is to confirm a 9pm start (on a work night) and that the main attraction will not be there.

No point pulling out now as friends are travelling up from the south and have travel and hotel booked so unfair on them but I feel swindled already. With that Willy Wonka experience in the news I have a horrible feeling this may be the same.
I don't see how people are blaming the club for this...its obviously an issue with juniniho (maybe why any announcements were made late, to give him chance to sort it and get here). He's still going to be there live on zoom and the rest of the team are there...should still be a good night
The biggest issue with all of this is Juninho was the selling point, some can say otherwise, but he was the one that did the video, he was the main deventer, the headliner, the one the club/town hall/organisers pinned their ticket sales on.

It's not be the clubs fault, but I think for the town hall to come out and say no refunds because of the line up may change is ridiculous, they know that hall would be half full without that juninho announcement.
The only thing the club and organisers of the event could do now to get everyone back on board would be to draft Ricketts in as a last minute replacement.