Championship: Boro Average Home[4th] - Away[8th] - Overall[4th] - Attendances 22/23


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Interesting to see how the fans still support the club through thick and thin.
The first 11 games were dire [apart from beating the Mackems], so those figures are impressive.
The site allows us to go back each season to make comparisons - if anyone is interested.
Its a testament of belief by us in Carrick and the lads(y)


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The away attendance is the average attendance of the HOME sides combined when the away team in town

Crazy quoting my own .. that doesn't make sense, somehow .. it SHOULD be that .. but then looking at the averages - it doesn't add up ..


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The abysmal start is history, but the amazing transformation sees us in 4th spot at home and looking likely to surpass Norwich anytime soon.

Boro Average Home Game Attendance:
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Boro Average Attendance Away:

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Boro Average Attendances Overall:

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I don't think we'll surpass Norwich. I reckon we'd need to average 29-30k for the remaining games.


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I actually think norwich will keep attendance higher than ours as they’ll go on a decent run.
I think we may get the opportunity to get our own back over them in may


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So even though boro and sunlan sell out most away ends there is more home fans in stadiums to watch their team play rotherham

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The stats speak for themselves ... great numbers currently given the current price of football we're nearly on a par with the average crowd the season after we last dropped out the Premier League

Some strange stats in amongst this lot ... we were better supported Colin Todd's soul season in charge than we were for Lennie's promotion season

There's a repeating pattern with top flight attendances after the boom of the 74/75 season you can see attendances dropping off season by season until our massive decline in the early to mid 80s

After 2004/05 full houses at the Riverside are few and far between, surprisingly filling the corner in only actually benefited us for the 1st two seasons with regards to regular attendances of 33k+ (I'm assuming we were still at season card sell out status at this point)

Quite a few of our highest gates were reduced ticket price games Coventry at the end of the 2009/10 certainly was I'm pretty sure season card holders could bring someone for a fiver if they filled a form out with the person's details they were buying the extra ticket for

West Ham 89/90 was the game you had to attend to be 'guaranteed' a ZDS Cup Final Ticket
What happened in 2006/07 for Charlton to be the biggest home gate of the season? I think this game may have been kids for a quid?

Sheff Wed was a ticket deal in 2012/13 as was Bolton the following season for Karanka's first game in charge

for the record them up the A19 win the trophy for best supported club between the 2 of us (but I think we secretly already knew that ... just as well big crowds don't win you promotion

Right ... what can I study next haha

1970/712 (7)1853430682LEIC 09.0112802BIRM 27.04
1971/722 (9)1794234446SLAND 22.019539HULL 29.04
1972/732 (4)1041724145SLAND 12.086816BRIG 07.04
1973/742 (1)2226437030SLAND 26.1214742VILLA 15.09
1974/751 (7)2860439500LEEDS 22.0221478LUTON 24.08
1975/761 (13)2322332959LEEDS 15.1114764IPSW 03.04
1976/771 (9)]2148131451VILLA 27.1214500QPR 16.04
1977/781 (14)1987330805LPOOL 20.0813247WHAM 25.04
1978/791 (12)1845932214LPOOL 11.0512822QPR 16.09
1979/801 (9)1873930587MANU 12.0111789BOLT 21.12
1980/811 (14)1643235065SLAND 07.0211076BRIG 11.04
1981/821 (22)1341221019SLAND 14.119403WBA 09.03
1982/832 (15)1001825184NEWC 05.025521BOLT 16.10
1983/842 (17)847219807NEWC 06.094720CHAR 05.05
1984/852 (19)51348817LEEDS 02.033364NOTTSC 09.02
1985/862 (21)626819701SLAND 28.124061SHREW 30.11
1986/873 (2)1017418523WIGAN 06.053690*PVALE 23.08
1987/882 (3)1453627645LEIC 07.059344SWIN 05.09
1988/891 (18)2009725197LPOOL 11.0316065CHAR 17.12
1989/902 (21)1629223617*WHAM 03.0311428LEIC 16.12
1990/912 (7)1702022869SHEFW 01.0113846BRISC 06.04
1991/922 (2)1470619424SLAND 28.099664STHEND 02.11
1992/931 (21)1672324172MANU 03.1012290OLD 02.03
1993/942 (9)1040017056NOTTSF 02.046286MILL 06.02
1994/952 (1)1864123903LUTON 30.0414878WBA 14.09
1995/961 (12)2928330011NEWC 10.0227882COV 16.09
1996/971 (18)2987030215SPURS 19.1029485SHEFFW 18.01
1997/982 (2)2999730228OXF 03.0529414CHARL 09.08
1998/991 (9)3438834687SPURS 20.0233367SOTON 14.03
1999/001 (12)3339334800LEEDS 26.0231400WIMB 27.11
2000/011 (14)3074734696LPOOL 26.1227556VILLA 23.09
2001/021 (12)2845934358MANU 15.1224189CHAR 03.02
2002/031 (11)3102534814NEWC 05.0327443SOTON 11.01
2003/041 (11)3039734738MANU 28.1226721CHAR 13.12
2004/051 (7)3201234836NOR 28.1229603CHAR 27.02
2005/061 (14)2845931908LPOOL 13.0825971BOLT 26.03
2006/071 (12)2772932013*CHARL 23.1223638WIGAN 09.12
2007/081 (13)2670733952MANU 06.0422920BIRM 01.09
2008/091 (19)2842833767MANU 02.0524020WIGAN 21.02
2009/102 (11)1994827721*COV 24.0416847SWAN 23.01
2010/112 (12)1637723550LEEDS 16.1013712DERBY 08.03
2011/122 (7)1757727794HULL 26.1214366WAT 05.11
2012/132 (16)1679428229*SHEFFW 09.1113377DERBY 03.10
2013/142 (12)1574823679*BOLT 30.1112793HUDDS 01.10
2014/152 (4)1956233381BRIG 02.0514970READ 30.08
2015/162 (2)2462633806BRIG 07.0519966BURN 15.12
2016/171 (19)3044932704CHEL 20.1127316WBA 31.01
2017/182 (5)2554329433BOLT 26.1222848BIRM 22.11
2018/192 (7)2316430881LEEDS 09.0221016BRISC 02.04
2019/202 (17)1993225313HUDDS 26.1217961PREST 01.10
2020/212 (10)BCDBCDBCD
2021/222 (7)2182529832NOTTSF 26.1217931BARNS 20.10
2022/232501631048WIGAN 26.1222124CARD 13.09
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