Coburn, Gilbert, plus one other sub


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Surely we could have given other subs a run out? A quick bit of inspiration and a goal and we were only one behind
We seemed to just end with a whimper - and the tired legs of a few could have done with a rest
Doesn't seem to fancy the players on the bench to be good enough
One sub he did make was Bangura for Engel - who I thought was doing ok
I think we’ve got the message with Gil, he’ll be loaned out in Jan. I was surprised Silvera didn’t start in place of Greenwood but then again without McGree and Hackney we’re pretty much ordinary in the middle. I don’t know how much Howson has left in the tank but today he looked MT.
I'm perplexed. Coburn has shown that he can keep two centre backs on their toes. Surely this would create space for Lath who has much more pace than the majority of defenders in this league. Today we had nothing to lose by playing them both.
If the rumour on another thread about Coburn managing a hernia is correct then I can understand not putting him on
Still feel Gilbert at least might have been worth a run out