Drink Driving


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You will be asked for blood, as that analysis will give an actual reading, testing urine can only show presence and not at any level.

Testing of urine generally provides evidence of impairment for drug driving but it does give an actual reading for possible drunk driving prosecutions.
I was talking about drugs


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I assume by "be careful" the op means be careful when driving as there is a heightened risk of other road users being under the influence around christmas time rather than be careful not to get caught whilst committing the offence?


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I despise drink driving, in 2018 there was over 4,600 drunk drivers caught in the month of December alone, please be careful out there.


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I was talking about drugs

I know. You can’t get an evidential reading from urine from drugs it has to be blood.
The police will ask you to provide blood if you are suspected of drug driving. If they can’t get blood, they will only ask for urine if they are considering a charge of driving whilst unfit through drugs. It is a much more difficult offence to prove as you have to look at other signs of impaired driving or functioning.

If they take blood you are over limit you will be charged and sent to court.

If they take urine they will have to show you were impaired at the relevant time normally by poor driving or cognitive function.
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