Dubois vs Joyce


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Any thoughts on this? I’ve only really seen Joyce fight and he looks ok but seems the bookies favour Dubois.

I think from about three onwards my day is sorted, football, darts and boxing! If only every day in lockdown was the same.
Joyce has decent staying power & can punch, but always seems a bit too static & easier to hit as a result when I've seen him fight. Dubois looks a good prospect, fluid, can box & has the power to finish fights.

I'd take Dubois to win by stoppage.
Dubois. Easy.
Great to see this isn't PPV.
Though apparently you can buy the grandad fight if you want to.
Dubois for me, good to see a competitive fight for a change though. Definitely the biggest test for each fighter who still have a long way to go in their careers.

The sooner we get past this mentality of having to remain unbeaten the better. I dont think a fighters worth drops if they lose to a top rated fighter, regardless of how far they are into their career.

Well done both for taking the fight.
Seems a boxer vs a fighter bout this one. Dubois has loads of talent, but Joyce is a bruiser. I think Dubois if he can bulk a bit will be a title challenger within 18 months. He has great timing.
I'm looking forward to this. Both look good. Different styles. I think Dubois, but I dont really know which way it will go.
Dubois rightly is favorite and has the better ability, though Joyce is the bigger man and has got himself in the best shape of his career, looking forward to this and dont really care who wins, I expect Dubois to win but hes never really been tested and if Joyce nicks it in the later rounds i wouldn't be to surprised.