Duncan Ferguson


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Just google Duncan Ferguson and Tony Mowbray wife comments
Absolutely disgusting should have been banned for a very long time
Horrible human being just
Just read it there, absolutely disgusting. Only a particularly horrible rat would ever say something like that to someone whatever the circumstances.
Surprised Mogga didn't kick his fookin head in


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We've all said things we regret. But no matter what the circumstances I couldn't ever imagine ever saying something like that to anybody.
Just because he got a few beers in doesn't all of a sudden make him respectable.


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Didn't know there was history between Ferguson and Mowbray. Just read what he said and it's absolutely disgusting!!


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Horrible by Ferguson if true, but is there any verification of this? The reason being is there was already good reason for Ferguson to leave Rangers. He got banned for 12 games and was facing criminal charges. He was in the process of burning his bridges both with Rangers and the Scottish FA. That would certainly make sense why he left.

With regards to Mark Hateley, Ferguson was brought in to replace him and Hateley didn't like him. There was a rumour that Hateley knocked Ferguson out because he'd cut up Hateley's suit, but it was said to be a made up rumour. It's also debatable whether that would be even possible. Ferguson wasn't just known as a hard man in football, he could box and was known for people not messing about with him on the street and prison.


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How many players have been sent to prison for headbutting an opponent? The bloke was an absolute nutcase.

I remember being at a Junior Reds meeting in the 90s when Derek Whyte was the president of the JR. One week he turned up with a black eye after Ferguson had deliberately stuck the elbow on him. "You expect it from him, you know before the game he's going to do you." That was what Whyte said to us when we asked how he'd picked up the massive shiner. Fortunately we'd battered them 4-1 or 4-2 so Whyte said he didn't really care but it'd been a horrible afternoon having to mark him.

I like players who play with aggression but Ferguson crossed the line all the time. He was unhinged, an animal at times. What he said to Mowbray was absolutely disgusting. He might be more 'mellow' now but it doesn't change the fact he was a genuinely dangerous player on the field. I hope he takes Everton down TBH.
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Is there any details or links confirming about what happened with Tony Mogga? Only had a brief look but couldn't see anything.

Ferguson wouldn't seem to be a natural manager but it's actually hard to weigh him up. In terms of leadership though, he's one of those characters that footballers seem to automatically respect. Top managers seem to as well and also rate him as a coach. Roberto Martinez thought highly of him and Ancelotti wanted to take him to Real Madrid.

Others who speak well of him are Neville Southall and Pat Nevin who are perhaps known as some of the more considerate and principled figures from football who like to speak out. Southall says there was a lot of nonsense said about Ferguson.