England v USA


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It's the classic sign you know your team's in trouble. The other side seems to have more players than you in every area if the pitch, we can't breath.

We need fresh legs on before they go a goal up or they'll find the energy to keep running for the rest of the game.

Jedi boro

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Gareth is reactive not proactive that’s the issue that’s always been The issue.

Get foden on now !!!


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He is a good England manager but his weakness is sticking with the same players when a change could always shake it up, this is the time to change it.


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Sterling, Bellingham Mount, all missing in action. Saka having a stinker. Time for changes.

Edit to add Trippier to the list.


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Whole f MF need to be told - one more back pass to a CH and your getting the f hook. Playing like sh houses.

Toon fans must be getting edgy...as Eddie Howe is pressing a shirt.

And if Henderson is the answer, then Southgate has turned into Liz f Truss.
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