Germany could go out today


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Germany haven’t played too bad. Pressing the Spanish which is leading them to rush and make some mistakes. Compare this to England’s press the other night


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Suits both teams I think a draw. Spain should beat Japan and Germany can get through beating Costa Rica - not that that is a given.


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Such a shame that it's not even close to knocking Germany out now.

Japan need to get something against Spain, or hope Germany fail to beat Costa Rica by a goal more than they lose to Spain by.
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Billy Horner

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This is incorrect and is the same mistake that the BBC have been making.

Not only are Germany now most likely to qualify (as you’d imagine that they will beat Costa Rica by more than one goal and that Japan will fail to beat Spain) but if Germany beat CR by eight goals, then they would qualify regardless of the result in the other game.

Now, we can argue about how likely it is that Germany win by eight clear goals (Spain beat them by seven remember), but it is just plain wrong to say that they can’t qualify if Japan beat Spain.