How many arms should the west send to Ukraine?


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If they're going to send any weapons then surely they should send a lot more?
Ukraine are winning with far less troops and weaponry - so if we're sending some weapons should we keep sending enough to 'finish the job' , and save lives?


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5 SA80s and a couple of GPMGs

All that gear and weapons left over from Afghanistan. Its just sat in army bases and large munition storage facilities.

Just send them everything they want although I'm not sure it's arriving quick enough.

I started the war defending and feeling sorry for all those young Russians dying. They didn't even know what they were walking into.

Yet after everything I've read and seen from Rapes to executions/Robbing houses etc. I'm not sorry anymore. I happily watch on Facebook a daily Russian tank being blown up by a javelin or being on the end of an artillery barrage👍


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Sorry to appear flippant but I read the thread title as “ How many weapons should the West stand Ukraine”

Rugs and flasks aplenty.


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Looks like the west is massively increasing the arms supply to the defenders of their country.
Truss saying the dictator's army will be in kicked out if ALL of Ukraine. Estonia have said the same.
Sky News reporting onr military analyst says she is too cautious in saying 10 years - and that by the end of May it could happen, with a coup against the dictator.
The dictator's death will be wonderful for everyone. Be nice to see it's body on display


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So many news outlets have talking heads that give their opinions, but they aren’t deeply knowledgeable about the Russian state, it’s why I take many expert voices with a pinch of salt, and why I keep banging on about Mark Galeotti and others that speak Russian, have spent significant time there and know many of the key figures personally. I think a coup any time soon is far fetched. If it happens it will escalate fast so I’d never say never, but I think Putin will be in place for a while yet, barring illness or genuine accident.


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Gazillions .
The billionaire arms manufacturers need to use up the stockpiles and make more billions replenishing them .
Then the billionaire construction folks will get contracts to reconstruct the destruction.
All aboard the money go round .


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All that gear and weapons left over from Afghanistan. Its just sat in army bases and large munition storage facilities.

I'm sure they would love all those weapons / vehicles that the US left in Afghan. It was crazy how they just left it all for the Taliban.