Humza Yousaf new SNP leader

He comes across as even more nationalistic than Sturgeon whenever i’ve heard him. I hope for the people of Scotlands sake that he focuses his leadership on improving the nations problems first and foremost and has policies to achieve that rather than claiming independence as the silver bullet needed to cure them.
He is doomed to failure, at a time when his party are losing thousands of members and popularity is on the wane. A large proportion of his own party see him as a liability. His previous posts in government haven't exactly been great achievements.

He has said he wants to 'Break up the United Kingdom in anyway he can'

If that vitriol doesn't confirm the SNP are more about hating the rest of Britain as a whole entity, rather than seeking an independent Scotland to work alongside Britain as friendly neighbours, I don't know what does.
The DUP dont agree with the "Union" either.
Unless its on their terms of course.
They hold the key to Stormont, which is not their`s to keep, but they refuse to give the people of Northern Ireland any semblance of democracy.
I predict a very short tenure for him. Ask the average Scot and Independence is the last thing on most of their minds at the moment... If he goes all guns blazing they will have him out.