If Carlsberg Did Game Changing Technology...


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I hope this is true - it will take a long time to hone it to get the sort of scale to produce the power needed by humanity at large, and even longer to build the plant needed to produce the energy. But once scientists they get their baseline they will make strides in improving efficiency I am sure.

A story about a breakthrough in nuclear fusion seems to do the rounds every year or two, suppose it depends on the definition of breakthrough. To the team it's probably a breakthrough but how much closer to reality has it brought it?
You know, I had assumed from "game changing technology", this was going to be about VAR.

I accept limitless energy is important, but shouldn't researchers be prioritising a more accurate means of ascertaining whether it is, or isn't, an penalty?
Same. Even got as far as thinking "wonder what nuclear fusion has got to do with footy. Intriguing." before my brain caught up 🤦‍♂️
They are still saying developing this will take decades to reach beneficial use so expect it to be working about the same time Brexit benefits kick in.