If we can sign Greenwood for £1.5m

He has obvious talent.
Should keep his place and well worth the reputed £1.5m fee.
The loans the best signings again for me. Looking forward to O'Brien being available.
That said Dieng looks excellent.
Tbf Engel and VDB are looking shrewd business too. And good to see Rogers, Latte Lath and Silvera impact games recently. It’s all positive as the moment.
What excites me about Greenwood is that he's not even playing in his natural role at the moment.

No disrespect to Crooks and Coburn, but I think we'll eventually end up having Jones on the right, McGree on the left, Greenwood no10 and Lath up front, which could be some front 4.
The main thing I like about Greenwood is he busts a gut. Gets up and down and helps out defensively. Picked up some really good positions first half when we initially struggled to break their press.

His decision making can be a little off at times, but if he was a complete player then he’d be helping Leeds in their promotion battle.

He’s shown more than enough to suggest he could be a huge asset this season. A decent year with us and £1.5m will be an absolute snip for a young English attacking midfielder.

The biggest compliment I can give him is I thought McGree would leave a huge gaping hole for us in the attacking third. We’ve missed elements of McGree who has a great football brain, but Greenwood has filled some that void and has slightly different qualities that McGree doesn’t - pace being one of them.

I have no complaints. He’s shown enough to suggest he’s a shrewd addition.
Greenwood seems to have an edge about him, which you need. He is also, supposed to be, a free kick expert. The jury is still out on that one. Maybe Saturday?
He's looked alright and a couple of goals. We are clearly in no rush to make a deal permanent if its already in place.

I imagine it could be done in Jan he he continues to impress. He's playing in Mcgree's position. So not sure he will be first choice when he's fit.

That said at 1.5mil it's hardly a gamble. You'd say he looks a 1.5mil+ player now. You don't get much for that these days.

All he has to do is keep playing and improving and anything else will follow on merit. No panic to make it a perm.
I see him very much like forss on the otherside. Puting in a great defensive shift with excellent work rate but chipping in with goals and assists
Before joining us he had started just 4 games in the Premier league, 4 in the FA cup and 1 in the league cup. He's now started 4 games for us. Fair few sub appearances but he was definitely a bit of gamble. Made more sense when we found out he was a fairly cheap loan to buy. Greenwood, Rogers, Silvera and Gilbert appear to have been bought on a see who rises to the top approach. Of those 4, we can't judge Gilbert at all. Silvera looks like he could end up a solid Championship player. Rogers might be Premier league, might be the new Ashley Fletcher. Greenwood looks like he will be Premier league: as much as anything, his work rate gives him a really good foundation.

The way we play, you need someone like Tav as the left sided attacking midfielder because they have to do a lot of defensive work. McGree sometimes feels a bit lightweight defensively but fantastic going forwards. Greenwood feels like he may have a better set of skills for that position than he does for how our #10 plays.
We said we have learned from our past experience last season and now we have deals pre arranged loaned with view to buy and price set.
Sam shows heart and passion.
The way he cares about his family and the way he talks about hiimself and his ambitions - he`s the man you`de have first in your squad.
The lad says hes really enjoying it here.
They`l be times when he might not perform 110% and he might experience time out for injuries, but hes top of the "must have" list.

It's easy to forget how inexperienced he is. I don't think he's got 50 career appearances yet and the vast majority have been as subs late in games. He's still getting up to speed and fitting in with this team but I'm confident he'll get better and better as the season goes on.