Incredibly Sad Songs.


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With our first defeat of the season and the World generally going to s*it, I thought I would post some uplifting songs.
But I'm more of an Emo, so he's some sad songs instead.

Feel free to join in with the "fun".

First off, My Only Crime by The Raphaels.

This was Stuart Adamson's final album and this song shows his frame of mind....but it's beautiful.

Cats in the cradle by Harry Chaplin and honey by Bobby goldsbrough always get my feels…

With Cats, I don’t feel I have been a poor father or son but when you listen to it it makes you doubt if you’ve been there for your son or dad.. 😭
No one does Death quite like Amy (beautiful and broken that she is).

"I've been looking in the mirror for so long that I've come to believe my soul's on the other side"
What a opening line.

A song Amy wrote about never getting over her father leaving them and then repeating infidelity herself…never the less she was extremely close with her dad.

This week with the death of Judith Durham her song the Carnival is Over was played at my step moms funeral a couple of years ago and brought back memories. JD was her favourite singer.
Some of Spingsteen's most famous songs have a certain sadness about them.

Born in the USA is far from the rousing patriot anthem but is about how a solider returning from Vietnam is abandoned by the country he served, and even then still feels an emotional connection to his country.

Glory Days is about both the loss of childhood innocence, but to me also about escaping small town America whilst others you grew up with stay there and try to relive / recreate past glories (I always think back to Simon Pegg's character Gary King in the Worlds End).