Is this the same Coventry team that did a job on us?


Carrick was completely unable to change from the slow passing slow build up tikka takka style which suited coventrys low block and hoof ball to Gorkyreres tactic

All luton are doing is old school direct football with big lads up top and coventry look clueless

I accept we have have a footballing identity and philosophy, but when something is painfully not working we need to ability to change our style from time to time
I agree but maybe we didnt have the players or Carrick will just expect to have btter players that can execute plan A better, if and a big if, we had scored at any point to make it one nil Boro pur ability to keep the ball when teams open up we would of won comfortably, so we need to be better at nil - nil, when teams sit inn, which is what will happen alot next year so we will need to improve in that department and add goals from set pieces which will then make us so much more dangerous
Makes me think Carrick should have stuck Crookes up front earlier to shake them up a bit.
With 5 minutes to go, I would of expected Muniz to of been on the bench and changes to be made with Crooks, Muniz and Fry joining the attack and maybe even lenihan to try amd get something from the game, just go long and try and make something happen, if you get back in the game then re assess.
As with most of the championship playoff sides - two well organised sides with a couple of good players.

Coventry have a striker a class above this level (got them an equaliser from nothing) and Luton's organisation/physicality is top notch.

It was always going to be awful for the neutral.

I think an increased physical presence should be a focus for us- even if it is just as a plan B
Something a bit different up front for us would be highly useful.
Perhaps Coburn might have developed a bit to take a place on the bench.
Personally I can't stand it when we play Crooks as a 'striker'.
I defo think Coburn could be our Hackney next season.
I hope so if you look at some of the strikers that have been signed from league 1 and progressed I hope coburn can use the experience to pack on a bit of muscle over the summer and push for a start look at morris at Luton, coburn definately has good movement in the box if we keep creating chances next season like we have this maybe he get take them too