Kane and Lingard


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Annoys me actually, the way their clubs are treating them.

Kane is a fabulous player and couldn’t give much more to Spurs than getting them to a Champions League final, topping the league in goals and assists in a poor team and signing a massive contract so they can get the biggest possible transfer fee for him.

That might be his chance of a really big move gone. Big clubs don’t hang around and the stars have got to align a bit - look at Rooney for someone who timed his move perfectly, and someone like Gazza or Shearer, even Gerrard to an extent who didn’t join the biggest club when they had the chance and didn’t achieve what they could have.

The window for joining a huge club is really small. City will spend their £150m on a Haaland, United look set for years, Chelsea and Lukaku are a match made in heaven and Kane isn’t a Liverpool player. Barca have no money and Real Madrid are going for Mbappe. In a year’s time, Kane will be 29, so a less attractive proposition if strikers peak at 27-30, and with a rapidly diminishing set of options. Just seems really unfair for the guy’s career.

Lingard, it’s depressing as to see him getting no minutes for Man United again. The guy is ignored by them for years and becomes a bit of a joke, goes to West Ham on loan, scores nine goals and plays brilliantly to get himself back in and around the England squad. Then United take him back, make a bit of a fuss about how he’s like a new signing, then he’s benchwarming and left out of squads again. I really hope he gets his late move to West Ham because it’s such a waste, and a classic example of big clubs hoarding talent if they do keep him.


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I'm not sure the treatment of Lingard is as bad. He's a Manchester lad and went back to stake a claim.

I read that UTD won't stand in his way if he wants to leave. Also as he's been such a good servent may 'make it easier' (I'm guessing lower fee or something). I think he would be daft not to go to West Ham. He is 28 and nearly got into the Euros. Just needs to play every week.

The whole Kane affair is frankly shocking. He publicly stated he wants to leave and now has to come back grovelling because the only club who can pay won't. I think City have kind of thrown him under a bus. I actually don't blame Levy for holding out for 150mil. In a world where Grealish and Rice are 'worth' 100mil.

I'd say 150mil is decent for a guy who topped not only the scoring charts (again) but also assists. The only slight issue is recent niggly injuries.


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Kane signed a big contact and now there’s talk of him signing another with a release clause. I do think Levy is out of order though if he’s gone back on their “gentlemen’s agreement”.

The problem with Kane is that his value is only going to go down because of his age. Grealish will hold his value for a few more years and will probably be “worth” more than £100m in the next few years.

Plus, why would you buy Kane when you can get Mbappe or Haaland for pretty much the same money?

In saying all that, I actually think City will get Ronaldo.


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If he wasn't injury prone, I'd say Kane would still have plenty of time for a big move.

But he is, and the injuries will probably become more frequent, so I think there's a genuine chance that he could end his career without winning a trophy, which would be a huge shame for a striker of his quality.

I suppose he could move abroad to a club virtually guaranteed to win one when his contract runs out, but he's surely got his eyes on Shearer's record and he'll need to score consistently for 4-5 seasons more to break that.