Leeds in bottom 3

Doncaster Smoggie

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I hate Leeds nearly as much as I hate Sunderland, but don’t want them to go down. reason being they’ll be on bloody SKY every other week!!! Forget that !!!! Hope the bas@@reds do get relegated, I’ll just not watch SKY as much
Big club my ar@e, their fans are as deluded as those up the A19🤡🤡


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Thinking about next season, its got to be Burnley to be relegated, either Leeds or Everton would take up one of the automatic places. Watford and Norwich will be thereabouts also, so another tough season ahead.
Got to aim for a playoff position so we do need a striker, centre back and a keeper.


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It’s going to be a gloriously fun watch that’s for sure - Everton winning at Leicester was a massive result for them today, can see them getting out of it now. Think it’s between the unmentionables and Burnley now personally.

Jedi boro

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I’m not sure Leeds would walk it as look at who they will lose and don’t forget it was bielsa and his style that broke them out of the championship, all that is gone now.

This isn’t a bielsa side any more it’s a marsch side and he has zero experience of the championship.


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Very upsetting

Well you know what I think 😄 would like see Watford go straight to league 1 as well - joke club, could be the next Derby. At least Norwich are properly run but maybe also due a spell at this level.