Looks like the ‘one love’ armbands are getting the boot.


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Captains who wear them will get a caution.

Most European nations were going to wear them.
Van Dijk and Kane now saying ‘it’s not worth a booking’

There is an alternative - they wear them every game, get booked every time (along with team mates) until they have no one left to play.
Or, they just sack it off and come home.

They will, of course, play with the armbands choses by FIFA.


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Not worth a booking 😂

Jesus, we are a proud and principled nation.

Getting booked for it would actually be a great thing as it would disgrace FIFA, the tournament and Qatar. It would further highlight the issues and discrimination.

But god forbid we got knocked out before the QF because Kane is suspended. We’ve already booked the flights.


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Just another reason in a long list of reasons that this backward lot shouldn’t have ever been allowed to host.

As someone above said, They should all wear the armband and everyone should get booked and banned together. Or else boycott the whole sorry thing.

If they did I'm pretty sure FIFA would back down. It would turn it into a much bigger statement and gain far more publicity. Everything FIFA/Qatar want to avoid.

But of course we'll fold, because ultimately while nations like us are uncomfortable with elements of this world cup and are quite happy to promote "safe" messages, we're ultimately unwilling to make too many waves or take any risks over it. Spineless.


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Displaying an unauthorised political symbol.

It's the right message to display, so I hope we stick with it.

Even if we swap the captaincy to avoid suspension.
And then risk a second yellow and red card. I agree we should wear it and hold our principles. I am not sure Kane has made a decision to wear it yet though.


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Seems like he'll still be wearing it.

Good on him.

It'll cause FIFA far more trouble if a player is sent off because he was already booked for supporting equal rights.

Massive respect if he goes through with it. And I will happily retract my earlier comment!