Matt Hancock on GMB


Staggering. How hard would it have been really to say 'on hindsight, I was wrong and do regret voting against it' .. Just shows the c*nts true colours, then. If there was any doubts about it, there isn't after seeing that.

Frightening that the likes of this man are contenders for PM once Boris escapes no.10 after the mess he is making becomes too much for him.

Gove, Hancock, Patel, Shunak ... we're spoiled for choice.


They do, but as they have been brainwashed for 10 years about how Labour are spendthrifts it puts some off, as did Corbyn.

Hopefully with Starmer the party has a real chance of being elected and getting these lot out.
I hope Starmer has a chance but I don't think they have a chance of forming a Govt come next GE. Suffered far too much damage in last GE and lost so many seats, it'd take a huge turnout for Labour. I voted for Starmer as leader but disappointed in all honesty with his performance so far, it's been lukewarm at best to me. There's been open goal after open goal and he prefers the 'be nice and work together' approach still, rather than aggressively holding the Govt to account as the opposition should.

I also think he has made some awful selections in his Shadow Cab .. just doesn't fill me with much confidence at all. You can already see all the tabloid headlines if there were a GE soon about 'Remoaner Starmer to Take Us Back into EU!!' and the likes of that will be lapped up. Keep our lad Boris in charge.

Sadly, even in a few years' time, no matter how much damage this Govt inflicts upon the country or continues to perform so woefully, there'll still be more than enough votes to keep them in power. Our Boris ... such a lad isn't he. One of us.

Artie Fufkin

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It staggers me that political position and influence must be SO fragile that anyone with an ounce of humility and common decency can't say "yes, I regret my decision, however I have been proved to be wrong and I have learnt from this and will use this knowledge and experience gained to make better decisions going forward"

or even just "yes, I regret my error of judgement" if he's that pressed for time


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The reason why he didnt and you see the panic come across his face when asked is that if he had admitted he was wrong to vote as he did he would have also damned the vast majority of the Government inc his leader and cabinet colleagues. Bet you that was his first thought. Frightened, cowardly man.