Garys stopped morallising now & gone onto the football , though the love in is slighlty ott , messsi is quality player ,even now ...imagine watching that close up week in and out !
Getting tired of the 'Messi's last big show' blah blah blah ... always been Ronaldo for me. but I get it. It is good to see Messi and Argentina into the quarters for the competition, and shame the Aussies couldn't snatch a shock equalizer ..

Are the Argentina squad even as good, all-round, and in-depth as others like ours bar their 'God it's Messi I need a w@nk' sideshow along with the rest in the last bunch of knockouts?? OOOOHHHH, MBappe ... Ooooohhhh!! :ROFLMAO:

I look at our squad, and no doubt there are one or two players I would pick from the other sides if they were English but generally, I think England are blessed with a lot more in-depth with better players than the remaining favorites and should not get brainwashed with the 'Hail Messi! Oorrgghh, mate .. but Mbappe' etc, etc trying to point out we won't have a chance vs those sides.

Wrong, in my opinion. As I have said previously, I think other managers look at the options we have now, and will be envious. We have to play without fear this time and if we can do that, out of all I have seen so far bar maybe France ... Maybe Brazil .. I think England can beat them all. If we turn up on the day.

I would like to see us take on the Netherlands. They're looking to be hitting a stride at the right time, and would love us to ruin it. :ROFLMAO:

Will have been a good experience for Riley, all this, anyway. Good on the lad. Today can't have been easy at all and what a cracking experience to bring back on his shoulders to Rockliffe. Back to Chazza football which is far harder :LOL: :ROFLMAO:

Well done Riley, sorry to see you all go out, Getting to that stage was a cracking shot.
Tell me you don’t understand football without telling me you don’t understand football
Messi's performance yesterday wasn't a dramatic, individualistic effort. What struck me was the sheer efficiency of his play. He made the right choices and played the right passes every time. He never tried to do it all himself but played in others around him when they were better placed (yes I'm looking at you Martinez yer useless lump).
I think that's what sets the top players and top teams apart in the final 3rd. How many times do the Boro get into good positions round the box then unerringly pick the wrong option?🙄
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Murphys co-commentary was more than a touch nauseating with messi's every touch
That's what I was getting at. OK I admit Messi is a great player and he did pull the strings against an average Australian side but the constant nauseating comments had me vomiting over the carpet. The Aussie lad who skinned 4 defenders before shootin didn't get the credit it deserved, the pundits were waxing lyrical over the block ffs. Anyways, onwards and upwards nothing iv seen hasn't got me frightened. OK and by the way was the Netherlands performance a tactical masterclass. Really!!!!