More points on this site than your age?

Just realised I'm third in the list :ROFLMAO:

And I've just been awarded a 'seriously likeable' trophy.

This is a proud moment for me.
Its just dawned on me though that you never saw Juninho in his prime.:(

I know it’s **** ! Only really remember his last spell at the club but even then I was only a kid so won’t of understood what I was watching as good as I do now. I have seen all his highlights goals etc, I’d love to get a player of that quality back at the boro one day! All we can do is hope. It’s mad to think I was only a few months old when he signed here the first time.

I would love to be able to watch him, I also wish I got to see just how good Merson was for us. And wish I could gauge my own opinion on Emerson as he seems to divide opinion.