My ignore list...

Civil discussion is fine, but when people go beyond that they are out. The danger is that you drop down to their level which is about provoking and offending.

The vast majority of posters are not a problem.

Some just seem to have opinions which is getting into non - objective territory. Opinions are not necessarily wrong, but they can be.

Example they quote you and basically say what you said is crap and this is how it is based on their opinions without any back up evidence etc. I am sure some just do it to create a reaction and wind me in. They may not even believe what they write, but that's not their purpose in posting. Those posters are candidates for ignore.
Up to 29...

No one on this thread, just a regular purveyor of drivel being particularly tone deaf elsewhere. It's not about echo chambers or not being able to ignore and walk away or anything, I just don't need to read dross if I can filter it out.
4 on mine. 2 claiming to be fans of other clubs that have nothing interesting to say and 2 board ‘characters’ who are just tedious, although one hasn’t posted in a good while. I did have another poster on ignore who I find to be incredibly rude and thin-skinned, but I unblocked them again as they had never been that way to me personally.

It’s a useful function to have and people are free to use it to make their board experience enjoyable, it’d be quiet if I ignored everyone I didn’t agree with though!
I cleared mine as the 3 on it don't post anymore as far as I can see.

Nobby is pretty close to being the first to be added back to it though.....
I have 3.
They all share a common ability to never back down on an opinion even if presented with a solid counter opinion.
They can never agree that while something may apply to them, it might not apply to others.

I’ve worked with a few like them over the years, I have them on my real life ignore list 😂