New Music 2023

I checked them all in the 2022 thread first before posting :)
Yes so did I but they still seemed familiar. I think part of the confusion for me was I was checking out songs on TKASG end of year missive and the first track is Prima Queen. I only got as far as them and Plastic Mermaids(that song was posted) when my pc died taking lots of music photos etc that I did not have backed up(I dont think, still some drives to check). I have just got it back but not plugged it in yet. Saturday is match day. I will check out the rest of the list when I get chance. Here it is and interesting read and lots not known to me. Keep the posts coming G/S the more the merrier. Fingers crossed we get a ne Front Bottoms album this year on the back of that last EP. (y) (y)

Andy's 2022
Favourite tracks: Prima Queen - Butter Knife; Plastic Mermaids - Girl Boy Girl; SNAYX - Work; Swim School - Kill You; The Snuts - The Rodeo; Joesef - Joe; Anais Mitchell - Bright Star.
Favourite albums: Plastic Mermaids - It's Not Comfortable To Grow; The Snuts - Burn The Empire.
Favourite TKASG shows: The Snuts @ Middlesbrough Town Hall. Plastic Mermaids at Westgarth SC; Alex Cameron at Newcastle University SU; The Twilight Sad at Georgian Theatre; Anais Mitchell - Newcastle University SU; Brockhoff - Westgarth SC; Hamish Hawk at SFNB; Deadletter at Head of Steam.
Favourite other shows: Joesef at Live At Leeds; Self Esteem at Deer Shed Festival.
Looking forward to in 2023: Being back in Arc 2 for Stockton Calling; More Sunday Social shows at the Westgarth SC - how amazing are they?! The return of Twisterella on 14 Oct. 2 x Songs From Northern Britain in 2023 - such great days.

TKASG 2022

Phil's 2022
Favourite tracks: Love and Hate in a Different Time (Gabriels).
Favourite albums: Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You. Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
Favourite TKASG show: The biggest show yet for TKASG The Snuts @ Middlesbrough Town Hall. The Town House at Twisterella and really enjoyed seeing Shack and Sarah Johnsone for the first time.
Favourite other shows: The Gabriels at the Park stage were superb but always a good to see TKASG alumni like Wolf Alice and Sam Fender playing on the big stage. The Killers at the Riverside, great show and brilliant to see a huge band play in the Boro.
Looking forward to in 2023: Ditto previous years; About 20 of us get lucky in the Glasto re-sale. Seeing Springsteen and ESB at various places during the summer of 2023 and Matt Crooks getting a 94th minute winner at Wembley on the 29th of May.

11 for 2023
The Joy Hotel Wide screen indie rock from Glasgow
Brockhoff - Melodic 90's-tinged indie guitar from Germany
SNAYX - Seaford punk rock duo who absolutely nailed it at Twisterella, returning in April.
Humour - Frenetic, in your face Glasgow rockers
Silvi - Talented West Lothian singer songwriter
Enjoyable Listens - ambitious avant garde pop
She's In Parties - Melodic indie-goth from Essex
Chef - ace Aberdeen-based rapper
The Queen's Head - Lively South London five-piece giving the disco post punk genre plenty of welly
Slaney Bay - Dreamy guitar-based indie pop. Fab!
Jennifer Stewart - Ace Edinburgh singer songwriter
New release from
Slug - Instant song, new album due this month.

Got some details about the above single from SLUG

Taken from new album “Thy Socialite!” out 20th January 2023 on Daylight Saving Records
UK Spring Tour Dates

“Lyrically, Instant Reaction is a call against laziness and inaction. The World is not your mam and dad, it doesn't pick you up and wipe your nose. It doesn't care. Things don't happen instantly because you 'want' it to or because it 'should'. Thanks for listening to my motivational speech" Ian Black aka SLUG

Thy Socialite!, the first release from Field Music’s new record label Daylight Saving Records, is a fun, joyous, audacious record of hard rock, glam, and pop that ranges from arena to art school. “I wanted to include a more rockist palette,” Black says. “My last album, Higgledypiggledy, had influences including The Cardiacs, Prince and The Residents. For this one I wanted to see what I could get out of less indie audience friendly artists such as Toto, Sweet, Wings, Def Leppard and ZZ Top and merge it with a SLUG sensibility. Due to the more rock approach, I was happy for the album to become a big classic rock unit - pompous even.”

However, simply a pastiche and nostalgic throwback this isn’t. Despite the playful nods to some of the more grandiose, theatrical and overblown elements of the aforementioned genre, it’s also an album with a contemporary pop edge, slick production and a tangible connection to SLUG’s previous deft mix of indie, rock and art pop.

18 February – Pop Recs, Sunderland
23 February – The Lexington, London
24 February – Hope & Ruin, Brighton
25 February – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate
9 March – Yes, Manchester
10 March – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
17 March – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow