Red faction statement.. ticket prices

Well done to the RF for forcing his hand and getting a meeting arranged, however I can't believe all fan groups have just rolled over and accepted the current ST prices and adult walk ups will not be changed.

That's genuinely disappointing. I guess it's more about keeping yourself in the clique than standing up for what's right.
All fans can of course choose not to renew/go etc as a means of protesting. The responsibility doesn’t all fall on RF, even if they have rolled over and had their tummies tickled a little bit here.
It's gutting to say this, but I will not be renewing. It's purely out of principle as this culture of milking the fans has to stop.

We are the club. Supporting our team should be affordable.
I think the number of renewals at the end of early bird compared to last season will make interesting reading. Will the vast majority renew out of habit / loyalty or will they lose a significant number (5,000). We will know in about 4 weeks.
Cannot say I'm not surprised. RF made an effort for us, the fans, got a little leeway but did what they could. Well done RF from me. This debacle and the current form will see a very big difference in both ST and walks up I think.
I think you’re right.

Why was the protest cancelled though?
Thank you 👍

Sadly I doubt it will make any difference at all. Even if gate numbers dropped by 5k next season I think he'd be too stubborn to lower prices to entice fans back.
Possibly. But the pressure would then be on for the team to deliver results. TBF, winning/good football will always sell more tickets.
Sure the original statement from RF said if nothing develops then further protests will happen?

Changed their stance haven't they. Must have been told be as disruptive as you want but no further changes will be happening with regards to ticketing so don't waste your time or energy lads