Same old Royals- ripping us off again

Why the secrecy? If we can publish the costs for protecting our MP's why not this thieving lot?
Because they’re scared that it will set a precedent of accountability and if there’s one thing the royals hate it’s being held accountable to the public on anything. It’s a PR stunt that they “are in serve to us”, serving us means they’re accountable to us and they clearly are not….we exist to serve them, and provide them with wealth, that’s the system they’ve created and some people refuse to see
It’s a PR stunt that they “are in serve to us”

Oh come on take the blinkers of, you just don’t get it or willing to accept reality.

If it wasn’t for our supreme leaders , I ask you who would

Play sitting down volley ball with a group of Nigerians, who would tell jokes to a parade of our service men, who would feed carrots 🥕 to donkeys, and what random pictures of a girls on there 9th birthday would sky put up as breaking news?

If it wasn’t for these guys you might just have to do stuff like this your self. Do you have the time because I know I don’t.

To busy spending all my time working to help fund these essential to the nation royal activities.
Polo is one of the biggest royalist feck yous of all. An activity that was developed as a snobs joke. Whacking a wooden ball with a long mallet while riding a horse in a big field. The entire point is to show that you have so much power and wealth that you cab spend a day carrying out such a ridiculous activity and have it taken seriously, whilst laughing at the plebs.