Sevilla v Roma

Mendieta (from Wiki).

“Mendieta said in an interview with the BBC on 3 November 2009 that he might be interested in football management: "A part of me can see the excitement and challenge of being a manager, definitely". After retiring, he settled with his family near Middlesbrough, in Yarm”. (y)
If only there was a way both teams could lose. Awful, awful game both teams I thought were as bad as each other in terms of play acting.

Really wish they’d get rid of this thing of teams dropping from champions league into the Europa league. Always annoys me when a team does it and wins.
I would struggle to want Roma to win anything after our trip there.
Horrible horrible people.
Sevilla on the other hand - their fans were great.

No contest for me, hope Sevilla win.

Agree with this.

Sevilla might have given us a hiding in the final, and I'm still a little aggrieved about a penalty decision in that match, but that goes down against the ref, not them. I don't hold it against a team if they beat us fair and square: it's what I expect them to try and do
Thankfully Sevilla won.

Jose is a parasite for football. Horrible human being.

Always good to see him lose.

Well done to Sevilla, they really are the Europa League kings.