Should boro talk to the bbc tees

Hopefully no. This is such a massive attack on free speech it’s unacceptable, as we move closer to the next election the culture wars will be ramped up.

Whatever your politics the right of expressing your opinion in public away must be defended.

Please Boro players stand up for what is right. I imagine a lot of goal celebrations up and down the country will reference this perhaps fingers on the lips will be the order of the day?
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On reflection I’ve changed my view I would support a boycott.

My initial view was based on the fact I barely regard bbc tees to be a part of the wider bbc so marginalised is our local voice.

But as I say in reflection it’s what it symbolises and I now agree.
Yes, but I suspect that's Gibson will have a very clear instruction on this, given his political leanings.
I would hope Gibbo would not be so stupid as to create the same mess within our club as his tory mates have just created within the BBC.

He wisely seems to stay well clear of team affairs and I am certain this will continue.

MC gives off a vibe of being very principled so it would be an act of self destruction to upset him over a non football matter, or any matter for that matter!