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He’s going to be a good player for us, he worked hard today but it didn’t come off for him.

He’s earning his place in the setup that’s for sure, he’s improved a lot already.
He's scored a couple of good goals, but apart from that he's been dire. Running for the box today and he slowed down as he didn't know what to do, as some one put it in the main match thread - sand wedge shots, how often does he sky it over the bar ffs?! Could have played Lathe in but went for it himself and missed. Boro's season summed up in one player - flatters to decieve, no consitency, flashes of decent play.
I very rarely single Boro players out but I thought Silvera was truly dreadful today. Him, Barlaser and Ayling in particular, with Thomas not far behind. I thought Silvera’s touch was off, his crossing was terrible, his decision-making even worse, and then the completely needless offsides. I think that ‘shot’ - if you can call it that - summed his day up.

How Carrick left him on and took McGree off instead I have no idea, it was an absolutely bizarre substitution to make.
He was poor today but he did play well last week against the best team in the league. Not sure what to say about that really.