So, what now for footballs future?


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Separate from the rightful condemnation of these ESL proposals, why don't we discuss how football could move forward?
Plenty of fans, us included, have questioned how we can ever compete without being bought out by a billionaire.
If we kick out the 6 then why not seize the opportunity to reform football and the way it is ran?
You could even go so far as to explore a European wide reform that could encompass wages, fan ownership such as the Germany 50+1 model and a host of measures that could reign in costs.
It has always been said that you can't have a wage cap, but without these rich owners desire to hoover up talent then why can't a wage cap work?
I'm sure there are a myriad of ideas that are kicking about so rather than worrying this will kill football, why not use it as a chance to give it a much needed rebirth?
Yes I think this is a chance to have a complete rethink and reform. The new CL structure is not a way forward either and needs reform although I guess they tried to appease the dirty dozen with these changes