The one that got away - Jesé

Wasn't that what happened with Lindelof
Sort of. The Benfica manager convinced him to stay and promised him more opportunities. Those opportunities came due to injuries but Lindelof had already decided to stay with them at that point. It was his decision.
Jese was definitely a bullet dodged, as was Bojan.

We didn't use the money well, either in that window or the Summer, but I have to think things would have been worse if we'd handed out a big contract to either of those.

Gerard Deulofeu probably was the best of the 3, but I doubt he'd have made much difference in the grand scheme of things: he's never really been more than a mid-top tier player.
Richardinho was our classic miss, he played a few times at Billingham (for reserves) but never made our 1st team. He was actually our player for 6 months as well.