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the guy responsible for the riff we all know & love - is currently facing eviction from his home. Crowdfunder to help him keep a roof over his head is here <——-

From the crowdfunder..
My dear Dad, Oliver Moore - many in Bristol and beyond will know him through music or other reasons - he has been a part of the scene since the 80's and has played Saxophone in bands such as Pigbag, Red Snapper, Float Up CP, Brace and many more

is sadly facing a serious and urgent issue regarding his home which he has lived in for nearly 30 years now, a semi-detached house in Eastville which he moved into in the 90's, but has struggled to pay the mortgage off for, for various reasons. Due to credit ratings and financial situations, he is facing extremely high interest rates on the mortgage payment, and is still far off paying off the mortgage and bank interest.
Due to this, he is now facing eviction from his home if he doesn't make a payment of at least £7000 by 6th April.

I'm not going to make excuses for him, or say that this situation is unique in the world, or that others aren't worse off - but I would like to add some context for recent conditions which have hindered his circumstances...

In recent years he has been working night shifts at the Docks in Avonmouth, but he has also been suffering from pretty severe Arthritis in both his hips (He is on a 12month NHS waiting list for hip replacements...) and due to this, as well as the housing situation, he has suffered from depression and anxiety, which have stopped him from working full time for a period of time...

Currently, he needs to raise £7000 by 6th April urgently in order to avoid having to leave his home, and he is now doing his best to reach this goal by selling off some of his belongings - for example his Motorbike (if you know anyone who is interested in buying a K1300 - this would also be a huge help!)

I thought about doing some sort of bandcamp action with music or something, but time is against us and I felt the urge to just get this out asap, in case there is a chance of raising some funds to help towards solving this problem.
Anyone that knows Ollie personally will know that, while he may not be the best at managing his financial situation, he is a genuine good soul and very caring person that does not deserve this situation at all (no one does). He probably won't want me to do this, as he, like myself is quite a proud person, but I hope that we can help overcome this situation, and feel desperate to help in whatever way possible.

Any help, little or small, is appreciated!!

Sorry for asking, and thanks for your understanding.

How about getting him to the Riverside for the Coventry game? Samba Saturday!!
Banksey, the Bristol musician and part-time spray painter (who will know Oliver) could spray a castle styled tent on his front door - that will be worth more than the house, debt paid and mortgage finished.

a new front door can be purchased and fitted very quickly.

its what 'Art Terrorists' do.
Pigbag sounds.. meh