The Third Element: fans, fathers and football – a photo essay


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There's a nice article in the Guardian regarding how football played a pivotal role in the relationship with the author's father.

I love this chapter:

We moved, my hand in his again, below the stands, the assurance of his presence an unexpected balm, up the stairs, and there it was – the manicured pitch, neon green, the players in their blue and white jerseys moving over it like Greek gods. The smell of liniment and frying food, the calls of hawkers, the inscrutable letters and numbers designating seating areas. We made our way to the Spion Kop, heartland for Leicester City supporters. Men were drunk, tipping over, using language I’d never heard, pressed together, body to body. I saw the match in momentary glimpses through the arms of the men. They were a single mass, pinned to their spots. They drank beer and ***ed where they stood, the urine running in streams down the steps. I saw them roar and embrace. In my world, only at football matches did such things happen.