* The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston [02/24] Match-Day Thread *

could be closer to the relegation spots than the playoffs soon if this form goes on much longer.

Hopefully we get back in this quickly and don’t let them build up a head of steam.
Carricks loyalty to players and keeping bad players in the team is costing us.

If Dieng is fit he should be playing
Agreed. Glover is a very decent backup but as soon as Dieng is fit he has to be straight back in the team, they are worlds apart.
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Why do opposition shots from the edge of the box always, always go in :eek:
Well mainly as Glover isn’t good enough to be a regular keeper at this level. Hopefully he’s back on the bench after tonight and Dieng can help us hold onto Gibbos coveted 12th place finish.