The weekend beer and music thread


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Afternoon folks, the rather wet and miserable weekend is upon us and so what better way to start it with some music and beer! To kick things off I have to say that those who attended the 20 Years Later show last night were lucky to have shared some interesting stories and memories from that Carling Cup victory in Cardiff with some of the players who made it possible. Personally, I found it excellent and I feel there was still some genuine friendship and camaraderie between the players. They all came across well and genuinely seemed to have an affection for their time at the club. Gareth Southgate came across superbly as he always does and I really, really hope we're able to lift the Euros this summer.

After the show last night I headed into town for a couple of drinks and had some Brown Ale - always a dependable drink and while not necessarily a 'go-to' for me, if there's limited drinks on tap I'll sometimes have a couple of bottles..


To start us off with a tune it just wouldn't seem right to start this evenings thread any other way.... UTB!