Todays Wordle

4th line too.

Got 4th line yesterday, but only because I didnt read the rules properly and just blasted through the lines assuming I knew best.
I only realised today about what happens when you pause the game. I started got to the 4th line then had to take a long call. When I went back it had re-set but it was obviously the same word and from my previous go I knew where 3 letters were and what wasn’t in there. I got it on 3 but don’t feel the same sense of achievement as really it was seven
First go today, thankfully I spell American now! There was a Mastermind board game like this when I was a kid (with letters, not just the numbers or colors ones).
Got it in 3, but only because I'd noticed the spelling of 'color' when checking the instructions the other day
That's twice now. First it was a thread on toasters after I'd just bought one and now a thread on Wordle after a workmate told me about the daily game this morning. Eerie or what.
Like many others got it on the last attempt when I remembered it was invented by an American.
Think it was invented by a British guy based out in the US for his American girlfriend who likes word puzzles. Amazingly, doesn't want to cash in on it and keeping it free and advert free. Sounds like a top guy.