Top 10 Boro goals at Old Trafford


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Some great memories here. Taking my nostalgia for the older ones out of the equation I think I like the Grant Leadbitter one the most 👀

Scraping the barrell trying to get a relatively recent "Top" 10, but the last few goals were good.

Saying that, any goal at OT is a good goal for us.
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Lucky enough to have been there for 8 out of 10 of those goals. The 3-3 game was my first away game as a 7 year old, what a time to be a Boro fan. Favourite was probably the Boksic goal purely for nostalgia reasons and it was my first win at Old Trafford.

Was in corporate for the Leadbitter goal and couldn't contain ourselves when he put that away much to the annoyance of the home fans. :ROFLMAO:


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I remember being at a Guisborough Town game when we beat them 2-3 and the disbelief I'd felt when the news was filtering in that we were 0-3 up at one stage.

The Dean Gordon goal scored in that game is my personal favourite.