Trump to be arrested

I think he will surrender to the indictment in New York the gossip is that’s it’s being arranged between his lawyers and the authorities.
The Manhattan one is probably not as bad for him as the Georgia one.

His best chance of acquittal is getting a couple of MAGA fiends on the jury.
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According to Michael Cohen's lawyer, there is a lot of evidence to back up any charges, and all the speculation on Fox is just that.
I think the Georgia case is a better bet as more tape has been released of him saying that 5000 dead people voted. However, his team's report on dead voters given to him 24 hours before his call to Georgia election officials put the number at 23 maximum. As he then continued to misrepresent the alleged election fraud all the way up until he incited the riot then there is a good case that he knowingly led a coup to overthrow the government.
He has already called for protests
Similar scenes in Pakistan over Imran Khan
I'd expect that once again this will end up being a massive own goal for Trump calling for action as he is arrested. Likely to cause a riot, maybe even gun trouble
Do all arrests get a 3 day warning?
Why not today?
It’s quite a different process to what normally their have been a number of grand juries investigating his activities before and post election as president it looks like the one in NY has indicated a prosecution is appropriate re paying off Stormy Daniels.

Hopefully he ends up and a lot of his cohorts doing some serious time.
Do all arrests get a 3 day warning?
Why not today?
He's projecting, again.
He knows the truth and all his post does is attempt to deflect from that truth. He's blaming Soros which will gee up his white nationalist followers and for those that aren't Nazis he's thrown in the allegations of a corrupt DA's office. It's essentially his witch-hunt defence from his impeachments, but this time he hasn't got a bunch of terrified GOP politicians as his jury to get him off.
This Tuesday lark is there just to give his followers time to express their anger and possibly make the justice department think twice.
Sadly for Donald, I think his base support isn't as enamored with him any more and any trouble they stir up won't be enough to protect him.
I'd say this is just a cynical ploy by Trump to rile up his base - and to raise funds, which he's already trying to do using this as an excuse. Even his own lawyer admits that they haven't heard anything from the Manhattan prosecutor's office.

The grand jury for this case hasn't even finished hearing witnesses yet. Even if they do recommend an indictment (which couldn't be before Monday at the very, very earliest, since they're scheduled to hear from a witness that day) there's nothing to say an arrest warrant would be issued immediately.

For instance, the Georgia grand jury (the one looking into Trump for electoral fraud) finished deliberations weeks ago and according to interviews given by jury members, they recommended multiple indictments but no arrest warrants have been issued yet.
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